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REN in your Industry


The innovation of REN™ is to effectively provide an IT department with an extremely capable and highly secure rugged embedded compute node out into remote locations. The REN footprint is very small, with no requirement for an air conditioned office environment. Customisable and highly capable Rugged Embedded Node computing enabling a secure real-time platform.


REN has been designed to provide remote IT support capabilities for high-end industries such as Smart Cities, Micro Grids, Water Treatment Plants, Mining, Oil & Gas, Council Infrastructure, Industrial, Rail, Renewables, Hydrogen Plants, AI,  Agribusiness, Governments, Marine and Aquaculture to name a few.

Enterprise Edge Applications


Today's enterprise applications require high-end processing power to be deployed out at the application edge with all of the cyber security features found in office desktop and server systems.


Unlike commercial grade servers and PC’s which require an air conditioned office type environment to operate properly, the REN™ Box is designed with no requirement for secondary cooling. Our fully sealed REN™ Box utilises VersaLogic's Quad Core i7 and 16 core ATOM Xeon from Intel with all the latest Cyber Security features on board.

The processing boards have trusted platform module (TPM) Installed. REN™ can also be supplied with tamper proof screws, and the use of non standard PC connectors which means that there is a high degree of physical security added to the system. 

About Us

Unitronix is a manufacturer and supplier of Rugged Embedded Computing products. We are extremely pleased with the recent release of our new Rugged Embedded Nodes or REN.

The aim of REN™ is to assist engineers who are looking to build their own fully sealed computing solution for utilisation in rugged environments. Our new range of REN™ units are a Rugged & Ready starting point to host your applications with the flexibility to add additional parts, connectors and IO functionality. This approach allows for the production of a system that is specific to your requirements. 


Designed and manufactured in Australia by Unitronix, REN™ offers an innovative way of looking at how to deploy high-end processing systems into applications.

Copyright Unitronix Pty. Ltd. 2022

Copyright Unitronix Pty. Ltd. 2022


REN™ is a Division of Unitronix Pty. Ltd. 2022

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